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Janet Smith debates Charles Curran on Contraception
Janet E. Smith's Articles

Pro-Life activist Dr. Janet Smith debated the dissenter Dr. Charles Curran in front of a packed Dallas audience in 1994. I think the debate is well worth a focused listening because Dr. Smith and Dr. Curran are widely recognized as the top proponents of their respective positions on the contraception issue (at least in the US), and it's a rare occurrence indeed to hear two figures of their stature debating each other live.

In Part One, Dr. Smith and Fr. Curran give their presentations and rebuttals.

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You can download part 1 of the debate here.

In Part Two, they ask each other questions, and then take many more from the audience.

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You can download part 2 of the debate here.

Thanks to The American Papist for originally posting this debate!


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